Famous 30th Birthday Quotes to Make The Day Special

Turning 30 is an essential step for everyone. It is the time where people finally get out of their youth and enters maturity. But some people start thinking that they are already getting old. No matter who you are, 30 is the age to start living your life to the fullest. If you want to congratulate someone on turning 30, then here are the best 30th birthday quotes. You can send these to your family members and friends. There are also funny quotes for you.

Famous 30th Birthday Quotes

Here is the collection of famous 30th birthday quotes for you to use. You can find the perfect quote from here. If you want to congratulate someone close to you, it is better to use the best quotes. You can use these to write messages and make birthday cards.

You can always stay young by eating right, living honestly, and lying about your actual age.

Age is all in your mind. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

When you are young, your will is strong, but you do stupid things; when you are 30, you don’t have the same burning passion, but at least you are not stupid anymore.

One’s knowledge is everything they learn after turning 30.

Being 30 is a strange feeling. Before you know it, you are already a proper adult.

When we are young, we don’t care about what others think of us; when we are 30, we start caring about it. When we get older, we learn that no one was thinking of us at all.

30 is the age where you finally start reaching your dreams. Then you know that all of your hard work was not for nothing.

When you suddenly feel yourself acting just like your parents is the time when you turn 30.

Older people are wise, but wisdom doesn’t come with age. Sometimes only age shows up without any signs of wisdom.

Never forget that once you get over the hills, you start speeding down. Happy 30th Birthday!

You only get to live free when you are 30 to 60 years old. When you are young, you get mixed up with dreams; when you are old, you get mixed up with regrets.

You can become a genius by keeping your enthusiasm as a child even at old age.

30 is a lonely age for everyone. Your friends all get busy with their families, and you lack motivation. All that remains are you and your thinning hair.

Growing old is different from old age. Those who are not lazy never grow old.

For Daughter & Son

Age is the price that you pay for wisdom and maturity.

Everyone gets to be young only once, but being immature depends on the person.

To live a great life, live every day like it’s your last day, and learn every day as you will live for many generations.

Never get down by the ups and downs of your life; the more you praise your life, the more interesting life becomes.

Years never make us old; we get better by the coming day.

No matter how old we get, deep down, we know that we are just the same as before.

God gave you life as a gift; how you use it is all up to you.

When you are not 30, your life is all about making mistakes. After you are 30, it’s all about regretting your mistakes.

Work hard for your dreams like your life depends on it, do that, and no dream will ever be too big for you.

At 30, you pick up your pace and start living your life to its fullest. It is the only way to have something to brag about once you get old.

Life tells us that good times are coming by making us 30 years old.

Life is too short to start worrying about your age. Just relax and enjoy your adventure.

For Him & Her

A successful man always remembers a woman’s Birthday but never remembers her actual age.

When a woman is 30 and asks you not to get her anything as a birthday gift, she knows that she will only take jewelry, nothing else.

If everything gets better with time, then it means you are

Time never stops for anyone, but a woman never gets older than 30.

Age is just a number for a woman. It is also the number that they never enlist.

Only a few women can tell you their actual age, even lesser men act their own age.

Age is what shows our value to others.

After you turn 30, no one asks how old you are; they only ask how young you feel.

When you are 30, you are already old enough to carry all of your responsibilities, but you are still young enough to throw away some little ones.

Just because you got the tag of 30 years old doesn’t mean you can’t throw a party and enjoy your own Birthday.

It doesn’t matter what your life was like before you were 30. All that matters is how you live it after you are 30.

If it’s all about your body and not your mind, then 30 is not the age to start feeling old.

Funny Quotes for 30th Birthday

At 30, you finally realize that your body has a mind of its own.

30 is the age when your mind finally matures, but 35 is when your body starts to give up a little.

We grow old pretty quickly, but growing smart well takes time. Happy 30th Birthday!

Don’t worry about turning 30; just think that youth is a little disease, and you are getting rid of it.

They say that a woman over 30 has more chance of getting hit by a bomb than finding a man.

30 is the best time to celebrate your Birthday with everyone except when you are 29 years old.

Life comes with many surprises, and you are one of them to take 30 years to grow up a little finally.

If you can’t find anything good about turning 30, ask 40 years old about it.

Teenagers are not going to trust or respect you ever again because, in your 30s, you are already too old for that.

You are not 30; you are just 20 with 10 years of experience.

You are now a proper adult; it means that you have to start acting like one.

Not much changes when you get to 30, all you do is change your moisturizer with anti-aging cream.

When you were 13, you officially became a teenager; now that you are 30, everyone is unofficially calling you old.

Welcome to your 30s, my friend, may your 20s rest in peace.

People act differently to turning thirty. Some people take it pretty well, while others feel like they are starting to get old. If you have someone who is turning thirty, it is up to you to lift their spirits. You can use funny 30th birthday quotes to lighten the mood, or you can use 30th birthday wishes to say happy Birthday to them. All they need to know is that you are with them, and they don’t have to look back anymore.