Best 50th Birthday Quotes for Loved Ones

50th birthday is an important day for everyone. It is like a milestone, and the ones who get there comes after experiencing every good or bitter life situation. It is the occasion where one celebrates dreams, life, and memories made during the journey. That is why congratulating someone who is reaching 50 is essential for friends and family. It also marks the start of one’s years into old age, so the support of loved ones also plays a big part. From here, you can find the best 50th birthday quotes to show your support and love to someone who is turning 50.

Famous 50th Birthday Quotes

Best 50th Birthday Quotes for Loved Ones

The greatest way to express your gratitude for someone’s 50th birthday is to give them a card with your sentiments written on it. Putting your emotions into a card is difficult, but you may express yourself through famous 50th birthday quotes. Giving gifts is also important, but hardly anyone is 50 years old and need anything from others. That is why what you give doesn’t matter, but what you write matters a lot. Make sure you write a fantastic 50th birthday message on the card.

Why don’t we all respect grey hair? Especially the ones on our heads.

Being 50 doesn’t make you old enough to stop dreaming.

Life becomes more and more attractive when you celebrate every single moment.

Some people take 50 as old but don’t forget you still look great to 60.

If your personality is the same after 50 years, then you wasted your life.

No matter what you say, years are not what makes your life count; it is your life that makes those years count.

You don’t have another option except growing old. But you do have an option if you want to grow up.

You will get a hint you start getting old. The candles will cost a lot more than the cake itself.

Always remember that 40 is the old age among youth, and 50 is the youth of old age.

When you go over the hill, you continually speed up while going down.

Being 50 is all in your head. If you don’t think about it, it will not matter to you.

You know you are 50 when meeting anyone new reminds you of someone you already met.

If you can’t find anything good about being 50, then go and ask someone who is 70.

If you are not mature by the time you are 50, stop trying to enjoy and live.

We get a lot of things when we turn 50. We learn what is important and what matters are to take seriously. Funny that we still don’t take ourselves seriously.

For Men & Woman

Getting old for men means more expensive toys.

50 is an excellent age for a bottle of wine, that is.

To men, the 50th birthday is nothing but curiosity. They want to find out how long someone can live.

To boys and girls, being 10 years old is the happiest moment. In that sense, when they are 50, they should be 5-time times happier.

If you take away all the 50 years old men, there will be no one who could run the world.

50 is the age where you separate yourself from others and only do things you want. If not, then what is the point of getting all of that experience.

At 50, everyone has the face that represents their true self.

Turning 50 itself is not a big deal. You began stressing when everyone around you makes it a big deal.

When you are 50, you know the importance of time, and you stop wasting it on dieting to make yourself look thinner.

When you are 20, you stay up late in the new year to have fun. When you are 50, you have to stay up late in the new year to complete your work.

When you are about to reach 50, it is expected if you start to turn into a maniac.

At 50, instead of looking at the weather, you look at yourself to see if you have aches. If not, then it is definitely going to be a good day.

The shady side for women at the peak of their careers is that they are approaching 50.

Time is the only money you get when you are born. How to spend it is all up to you.

For Him & Her

Only you can make 50 looks so beautiful.

Your birthday is the day I celebrate the most because you are making my life brighter for the last 50 years.

You are 50 today; no wonder you look perfect.

You still look so beautiful after 50 years. Am I the only one aging here.

You finally got your head together at 50, although your body is falling apart.

At 50, you are finally accommodating and well adjusted for us to move our relationship forward.

I still can’t believe you are 50 with how amazing you look.

On your 50th birthday, you only look fabulous.

If you don’t like the previous 50 years that much, then the next ones will be a lot better.

You already look great, and you have everything you ever wanted, so all I can do is be with you and enjoy your 50th birthday.

You were nothing but bright and handsome for the last 50 years, and I hope it will be the same for the coming 50.

I think 50 years are enough to admit that you are the most beautiful person I have ever met.

Nothing can show my gratitude to you for sharing the stress of turning 50 with me.

I told you we will do everything together; now that we are over the hill, let’s go down while taking our sweet time.

For Mom & Dad

Mothers are eternally young. They are the most beautiful person their kids have ever seen.

Mother, they say 50 years makes you old, but I can’t see it looking at you.

Fathers are like those big trees that grow stronger with age.

They say God has a unique plan for everyone. I believe it when I look at my mother.

Mother! Today is your 50th birthday, so please step out of the kitchen and relax.

Father, you already did your best to raise us; know it is your turn to make all your dreams come true.

Age can never make a father look old; they only get old for worrying about their kids.

I don’t know what perfume my mother uses; she still smells the best after 50 years.

Father, don’t worry about getting old because we will never get tall enough to see your bald head.

Being a dad is not easy, is what I heard people say, but dad, you make it look so classy and fabulous, how?

I am still dreaming of when I can win an argument between us, but it seems impossible. As I am growing up, you are becoming more intelligent and wiser.

Mother, you are 50 now, and I still haven’t seen anyone make a better apple pie than you.

For Husband & Wife

Whenever my birthday comes, I usually take the day off and celebrate it with my family. But my wife takes two years on her birthday.

50 is a fabulous age, and my wife is the proof of that.

There is nothing terrible about turning 50. It made you who you are today, caring and beautiful.

You always look beautiful to me, but today there is a unique charm in you, and I can’t look away.

My wife makes 50 proud of herself.

To me, you are still 18 with 32 years of life experience.

Time flies, and the same goes for your age. Well, you are 50 now, and it is proof of the beautiful life you lived till now.

While many men stay at home on their 50th birthday, my husband works hard to make his most recent dream come true.

Being 50 makes you realize how wonderful life is; it tells you to slow down and cherish the things you care about the most; I mean me.

Your 50 years on earth were nothing but incredible. Brace yourself because the coming 50 are going to be more breathtaking, my love.

On my 50th, I realized that I am rich not because of money but my husband, who still loves me the same even after all these years.

For Friends

Friend, you are not 50 today; you are just 5-time 10s.

I remember how excited you were about turning 5; if we do the math, you should be 10 times more excited.

If you are worried about turning 50, we can call it the 20th anniversary of you turning thirty.

They say being 50 makes you open-minded. If that is the case then I don’t have to buy you a gift, you will not mind, right?

They say it is never too late to stop being stupid. I hope on your 50th you’d understand that.

50 is just like 60 without all its perks. There are no discounts or senior memberships, only old age.

Telling you to have fun on your 50th might end up hurting you, so keep everything moderate and go to rest early.

Birthdays come once every year but you, my friend, are the best even after 50.

I told you to wear glasses; 50 candles are no joke, mate.

Please don’t make the “Ahhhhhh” sound when you sit on the chair; you are just 50, not old.

50th birthday is the same as your 18th birthday. You were becoming an adult then and becoming an older man now.

Time really can change a person; look at you; after turning 50, you are finally out of adolescence.

Time flies so fast, and it seems like we were talking about your midlife crisis just yesterday. I am glad you passed that, but you are old now, man.

Funny 50th Birthday Quotes

Funny 50th Birthday Quotes

50 is all about making the decision that gets you to bed faster.

Only those who are 50 can recognize any elevator song right away.

The only bad thing about old age is that every birthday you buy bigger cakes. Because small cakes can’t hold 50 or more candles.

They say everything gets better with time. It means you are reaching perfection.

When you are 50, you always get to sit on the bus.

Even your neighbors don’t notice you having a party when you are 50 years old.

Looking at the mirror when you are 50 only gives you the feeling of April fool’s day.

Being 50 is not that bad. It only means that you are aging like a good wine.

Just halfway to 100 is good and all, but it doesn’t mean that being 50 will make you live that long.

How are your retirement savings going? Soon will be the time when you will start using your savings.

50 might not be the ideal age to lift weights, but you can still remove your wrinkles by facelifts.

Being 50 means, you have half a century of wisdom in you. That is if you can still remember that much.

By the time you get to your 50, you understand what time is; it is not a beautician to make you look better but a healer to make you feel ok.

When I was young, people often said that I would understand it when I get older. I am 50 now and still do not know anything about what they were talking about.

The difficult period of life is already behind one by the time they reach 50. They’ve already learned the most difficult lessons of life and now understand what matters the most. That is why someone who is approaching their 50th birthday understands how significant it is to them. Make sure to give your full support and love to the person who is turning 50. It’s another birthday celebration for you, but it’s a milestone in their lives. If you’re unsure what to say on someone’s 50th birthday, give them some best 50th birthday wishes or send them a thoughtful note.