Famous 18th Birthday Quotes and Sayings for an 18-Year Old

18 is the age when teenagers turn into adults in most countries. It is a big deal for everyone and worth celebrating for people whom you love and care for. Here is the compilation of our inspirational 18th birthday quotes if you have someone about to turn 18. Whoever passes this important milestone deserves everyone’s best wishes for them.

Inspirational Quotes for 18th Birthday

Birthday is a big deal, even if it is not yours. That is why we spend hours and hours planning and preparing for birthdays to celebrate the big day of our loved ones. Throwing a big party and having fun is good, but the birthday is not complete without a good birthday wish. We have the best 18th birthday quotes that you can use in cards and your messages. You can send these to your family members, friends, and loved ones.

18 is the age to do whatever you want because everything is possible and the future is bright.

Today is an important day to forget all of your troubles and celebrate.

No one ever forgets being 18 years old because you can do adult things and act like a child at the same time.

Being an adult sure is exciting and joyful but don’t forget it comes with a few responsibilities.

18 is the age where you start new adventures and discover new things about life and being an adult.

Just because you are turning 18 doesn’t mean everyone expects you to act old and mature. Please take it step by step.

Do you know what does turning 18 means? There are no more freebies; you buy what you want.

Old enough to know what’s terrible but young enough to do it anyway.

Before, you had the money but no permission, now you are free but no money.

It’s sad, but you only have two more years to enjoy before being a properly-respected society member.

At 18, your life is just beginning, and you are about to go on many new adventures.

You are now 18 doesn’t mean you are free of your parents’ nagging about what you should do and what not to do.

18 comes with a lot of perks, and you finally get rid of your card limit.

I know everything is what people usually presume when they turn 18, those who are older know that because they were 18 once.

Make the right choices in life and follow your own path to your dreams. Do it to have a wonderful life without regrets.

For Daughter & Son

It takes a lot of strength to do what you want and become the person you always see in your dreams.

Don’t judge anyone to be happy; love everyone to be the happiest.

Never believe someone who is telling you who you are.

You can do everything like others because it is not hard to follow someone. Standing alone for your dreams is what makes you strong.

At 18, if something scares you, then it is all the more reason to try it.

There is nothing you can do to someone for saying bad about you; work hard so you can make them liars.

As a father, it makes me proud to have a son who is proud of himself.

If you don’t like something, then it is better to let go so you can do whatever you want to do without turning into a prisoner of the cycle.

Before making a big decision, always remember that you are amazing.

Don’t worry if you want to change yourself, do challenging things to improve.

No matter who you are, never forget you can always become someone better.

If you want your life to be amazing, then get rid of negativity inside you.

Being a father is not easy; you close your eyes for a moment and find yourself standing to a man instead of a little boy.

Having a beautiful adult daughter is a good thing, then why it makes me want to cry.

For Him & Her

Life is all about what you are willing to do for the things you want to keep and what are the things you want to throw away.

Every day with you calls for celebration but today is special because it is your 18th birthday.

Don’t worry about not having a happy ending because it is not the ending if you are not happy.

Your birthday comes once a year but doesn’t forget that I love you every day.

My only hope for my dear is a wonderful and happy year.

If you want a happy life, then laugh when you are happy and cry when sad.

Thanks, my lady, for all the good moments you brought into my life.

Do good without expecting everything in return, never to face disappointment in your life.

A girl needs good parents from birth to 18; after that, everything works out fine if she finds a good partner for herself.

You always hope to become older until you turn 21 and finally ready to go back to being a 10-year-old.

You are already 18, and it is time for me to celebrate you reaching the legal age for marriage.

On your 18th birthday, don’t forget that you are mine forever, you might grow old, but my love for you will remain the same.

Funny Quotes for 18th Birthday

Welcome to the world of adults. Hope you like it here because this is where you will stay for the rest of your life.

If you always want to be 18, then take your body and keep it in the fridge.

Now you can do all your favorite things without worrying about the law.

People fall in life, not with their own choice, but remaining down or trying to climb up again depends on themselves.

I know you have your dreams and other things to talk about, but today no one cares because it’s party time.

Congrats on turning 18; you can vote now, but don’t forget you can also go to prison.

You are now an adult, so you should learn that it is really hard being an adult. First, no more summer holidays for you.

Sure 18 means you are an adult, but it doesn’t mean you are not dependent anymore or pronounce all dishes in a restaurant menu.

You will keep hearing everyone talking about how high school years were the best. It makes you think how bad is their life right now.

No one will teach you to be an adult, and there is no manual as well; just experience everything on your own.

Already 18, but the best is yet to come; happy birthday.

18th birthday calls for a huge celebration but doesn’t forget to keep it under limits because it can ruin the whole party.

Don’t do anything illegal from now on because you are finally eligible to do time in prison.

While making a birthday card or writing a birthday message, one thing to remember is to use special quotes to show your love and sincerity. If you wish someone on their 18th birthday, then you should pay extra attention to it. If you use a common birthday wish, then it might not share your true message and love. You can use the 18th birthday wishes to make a heart-touching message for your loved ones.