Happy 21st Birthday Quotes and Funny Sayings

Every person goes through a variety of life changes when they reach 21 years old. It is the time when youngsters become adults. They’re allowed to do everything that a regular adult is permitted to do. They move out of their homes and start working to reach their personal goals. For some, it is time to get married and start their own families. It is the time that every parent likes and hates the most. They are ecstatic for their children to become adults, but get sad watching them move on. The ideal method to welcome someone into adulthood is to send the best 21st birthday quotes.

Inspirational Quotes for 21st Birthday

No matter how you look at it, becoming 21 is a momentous occasion. If someone is turning 21, make certain they never forget their 21st birthday. It’s not only about the birthday party or the presents. You must also provide them with a lovely and encouraging birthday message. Here are the best 21st birthday quotes for use in birthday cards or text messages.

Everything changes with the way you think. If you think your 21st birthday is essential, then it is crucial. Else it is just the start of another trip around the sun.

The only difference between being 20 and 21 is that you

I was always with you, and seeing you grow up to be such a great person makes me proud.

Being together with you, I know you always tough out any problem you face. And now you are at this milestone. Your life inspires me.

It’s only been 21 years since you came to this world, and you already achieved a lot of things. I can’t wait to see your success in the coming years.

All I can say to you on your 21st birthday is to step out and do many great things.

When you are 21, you see many untenable and solid things.

The more you appreciate life, the more you get to celebrate.

Your 21st breakthrough to the milestone is much more than just getting old. It’s about having fun and making unforgettable memories.

If you feel slow and tired on your 21st birthday, it is time for you to start changing.

At 21, you’re the best example of someone young and happy who carries a wild ambition to make it big.

Only by living, you can know what life have in store for you. If it is happiness, be happy; if it is sadness, stay strong and move forward.

You are only 21, and there are many choices for you to make as you get older. No matter what you do, always be happy.

Your dreams are always in your hands. Some people wish for them to come true; some people wait for them, and some just go out and make them come true.

Life is not something to solve and be happy; you have to experience everything before moving forward.

For Daughter & Son

Happy birthday for turning 21, my dear daughter; I wish you the best in life.

As you are 21 now, there will be many things that you will learn. Enjoy your life, son.

Son, allow yourself to make mistakes and never repeat those mistakes in the future. It is the best way to live.

My dear son, I want you to know that you are a wonderful and caring person to me.

My daughter, you turn 21 today, and I want to tell you that never stop chasing your dreams no matter what happens.

On your 21st birthday, I only regret not teaching you everything I know as your father.

I can’t guide you for everything, some things you have to learn yourself through life—happy 21st birthday, son.

Now that you are an adult now just give me a little time to be sad because my baby girl is a grown woman now.

Your 21st birthday is just the start of a lot of new and beautiful things. Enjoy your life as an adult, my beautiful daughter.

Your birthday always tells me that God loves me so much. And that is why I got a good son like you.

No matter how old you get, don’t forget that you will always be the little girl who couldn’t be away from me for five minutes.

Living your life to the fullest is the best way to say thanks to your parents.

For Him & Her

It is a big day for someone special to me. To the person who fills my life with sunshine-happy 21st birthday.

Turning 21 marks the beginning of many great things. It is a big deal and a special day.

Today is the day of celebration of you becoming more and more beautiful.

I am happy to be there with you when you are stepping on this new milestone.

You are finally walking into adulthood. I hope you enjoy the great things life have in store for you.

The first 21 years of life always go by in a flash but take your time with the next 21 years.

You are someone who is going to be rocking your 20s because you were also the one who slayed the teenage years.

When you get older, you will finally remember that you don’t recall anything about your 21st birthday.

I only hope that you can walk home after the party on your own, although the chances are not likely at all.

Well, it takes many years to better someone, but you were already perfect when you were born.

Being 21 doesn’t mean that you are not going to do any stupid things from now on.

Congratulations to you on your 21st birthday. It is not the day I am going to celebrate but the person who is closest to me.

Funny Quotes for 21st Birthday

If you are 21 and think that life is not challenging enough, do anything that scares you once a day.

At 21, you don’t have to chase anything except drinks and dreams.

Here’s to a night you will not be able to remember.

Today marks the start of you making lots and lots of bad decisions.

Being twenty-one means having fun no matter where you are.

You are twenty-one, and I am happy to announce that your youth is done.

You deserve a lot better than getting a few birthdays wishes. You are not getting anything from me, though.

21st birthday follows a simple storyline. “Drink, drank, drunk”.

You can now say goodbye to your fake id.

Let’s take a moment in the memory of our best friend till we get 21 years old, the fake id.

You only get to be 21 once in your life. Enjoy the day and be happy.

Happy 21st birthday. I don’t believe it’s already been 21 years. Oh well, let the good time roll.

The best approach to wish someone a happy birthday is with a quote. If you want others to understand how much you care for them, state whatever thoughts you have about them. It may be difficult to express all of the emotions in words at times. You may offer a birthday greeting to someone who is about to reach the age of 21 by using the best 21st birthday wishes or a few inspiring quotations. If you’re busy planning the party or other things, it’s easy to overlook the little details that matter. Just say whatever comes into your head and convey your emotions to your loved ones.