60+ Best Thanksgiving Quotes (Inspirational and Funny)

For each and every single one of us, Thanksgiving is an important day. It’s the one day during the year when we can get away from it all and spend quality time with the people we care about. We don’t have time to prepare or spend our holidays these days. Everyone is busy working and making time for spring cleaning, and Christmas preparations feel impossible. Some people find it difficult to make time for a meal with their family over Thanksgiving. It’s easy to understand that work is crucial, but it’s also important to remember Thanksgiving. You must relax for one day, leaving your tensions behind.

Like every other holiday, Thanksgiving begins with wishing everyone a happy day. You can do it face to face, or you can use a card. Preparing a thanksgiving card is easier than it looks. All you have to do is pick one from an excellent thanksgiving quote and write it down on the card with hope. You can use funny, inspirational quotes or short quotes to make a quick message. You’ll discover some of the best thanksgiving quotes on this page. Make a point of thanking everyone for being part of such a wonderful celebration.

Famous Quotes About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Quotes

You can use famous Thanksgiving quotes when making Thanksgiving cards. It will make your card more sincere and attractive. It will also assist you in better expressing your sentiments to the receiver. When making cards for your mentors and people you admire, use famous quotations. You may send them to your parents and relatives as well. You may use any of the quotes on your card. Take your time selecting the best one.

A wise man does not grieve for not having all the things he wants but appreciates everything he has.

We must take a break and thank every person who is a part of our lives.

The only thing to do when you are thankful is to show your gratitude.

For some, Thanksgiving makes their day better, and for some, it changes their lives.

A thankful heart is the home of every virtue.

It is good that not everyone knows how to cook Thanksgiving dinner. A small excuse to go back and enjoy the day with everyone you love.

Praise more so that you would worry less. The only Thanksgiving can get rid of dissatisfaction.

If it comes down to choosing one prayer for your entire life, then thank you is all that you need.

If you want a good life, look at everything, like looking at it for the first time.

A good dinner is all it takes to forgive anyone.

Everyone has some past misfortunes but don’t overlook the countless blessing you have today.

If you are not thankful for what you have now, you will not be grateful for anything you get in the future.

Be thankful for your problems because if everything always goes well, you will not grow at all.

Wear gratitude like a cloak to shield yourself from all the problems of your life.

Everyone is blind to what they got. Only the things they lack are visible to them.

Being independent is great, but Thanksgiving shows us it is impossible to live without depending on someone.

Be thankful for having a cup, not caring about whether it’s half-filled or empty.

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes

Thanksgiving is a happy occasion where we show our gratitude and love.

We have to show gratitude not just on Thanksgiving but every day of our lives.

Please don’t take anything for granted because many people don’t have much but are still thankful for what they got.

Every day we struggle to get the things we want. Wouldn’t it be nice to only give just for one day?

If you face problems in your life, be thankful and see how everything solves on its own.

Thanksgiving is not a day to think about what you don’t have; it is the day to be thankful for everything you got.

Be thankful for all that you got; believe me, everything you got is someone’s fantasy.

You can count thank by the number of words, but you can count gratitude only by someone’s actions.

When you love yourself and everything you got then it means you have everything that you ever wanted.

Thanksgiving is not just a day; it’s a guide for us about how to live our lives.

Being happy doesn’t make you thankful. Being thankful is what makes you happy.

Thanksgiving dinner is what inspires our every dinner for the whole year.

If you genuinely try to count your blessings, then it is impossible to miss a single day of your life.

We get to make a living, but we give to make our lives.

It is not possible to love without giving, but you can give without loving.

Short Quotes

We are here for all things and thankful for everything we got.

Only for today; be thankful for all that you got.

Thanksgiving is the biggest enemy of pants.

Thanksgiving is a word for a simple action.

Thanksgiving ample your wealth.

Always try to be a thankful receiver to have a good harvest.

Be thankful so that you get more in the future.

You can also call Thanksgiving a time of togetherness.

Gratitude introduces you to fullness.

You can end all struggles by starting gratitude.

Nothing compares to a grateful heart.

Show gratitude in your attitude.

Giving can’t make anyone poor.

Please give a little thank you to get it back countless times.

Be happy in every moment because every moment is your life.

Thanksgiving Quotes to God

Thanking your family, friends for everything they do for you is common. Everyone does that and it is what makes Thanksgiving the day that brings everyone closer. But it is not all that Thanksgiving is all about. It is also the day where you thank God for all of his wonderful blessings. It is the day where true believers show their gratitude to the one who gave them everything they have. Here are some best Thanksgiving quotes to thank God that you can use to send in messages.

Thanking and gratitude are two different things. Gratitude is just a feeling in your heart while thanking God for all his blessings is thanksgiving.

Just one day is not enough to thank God for his countless blessings. All you can do is collect all the happiness like a magnet and show your gratitude.

Having everything doesn’t makes you happy. Enjoying your life to the fullest is true happiness.

God made us a promise of giving us everything that we need. What we don’t have means we don’t need it.

Thanks to God that no matter where we are there are many things that we can be thankful for having.

If we get everything, we want than we should give our thanks to God. If we don’t than we should ask for his grace.

A thankful heart is what makes someone a true believer. It is not about praying or something else. If you are thankful even at your worst times than you are a true believer.

There are only two ways to follow in your life. Either you accept everything you get from God with thankfulness or you take it for granted.

Having more is not going to make you happy if you are not content with everything you got. You can only become truly happy by accepting everything and giving thanks to God for his blessings.

Thanking God for one or two things is not enough. You might not be aware of it but God gives you thousands of blessings every day.

If you don’t think everything good that happens to you is because of God than you are not glorifying God as God.

You become truly happy when you always choose to thank God in every situation.

It is easy for everyone to thank God when everything is going well. But those who thank God even in their bad times are the ones with the deepest faith.

Funny Thanksgiving Quotes

Relaxing and enjoying family holidays are at the heart of everything. Especially when you are with your family on Thanksgiving day. For example, where you completely forget about work and devote the whole day to them. When the entire family is together, laughter fills the home, and everyone becomes happier. That is why sending out funny quotes in your holiday greeting card is the ideal method to wish on Thanksgiving day. You can send funny thanksgiving quotes to your friends and family. Here are some funny quotes that you can use on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is the best because it includes food and family, the two things I care about the most.

I have a weird family because on Thanksgiving, we use gravy as a beverage.

I am so hyped about Thanksgiving that I started stuffing the turkey three weeks earlier. So now you can see it from its beak.

Without overeating, how can you say that it’s Thanksgiving?

You can start counting your blessings on Thanksgiving when every relative goes home.

A whole turkey is not much food; it is what we have trained for since our childhood.

Pie can make anyone happy.

On Thanksgiving, people fly many miles to be with the ones they love for a single day after a whole year. Then they realize it isn’t once a year a bit too often.

The best way of saving a dying species is to start eating it. After that, you can manage it like chickens and turkey.

Try not to brag if you weren’t with your family this holiday.

If you love your life, then Thanksgiving is just like a Thursday with more food to you.

People who love to eat and share are always kind and friendly.

Good mashed potatoes are the best way of having a luxurious life.

“Thanksgiving is not about what you say about your blessings; it is about how you use them.” On Thanksgiving, being with your loved ones is the biggest blessing of all. No matter how stressed you are, a little dinner with your family is enough to take your problems away. Thanksgiving is all about showing your gratitude to everyone who truly deserves it. It is the day to show your gratitude for everything you have received. If you’re searching for a great way to write a Thanksgiving wish, check out our collection of best Thanksgiving Wishes. Happy Turkey Day.